CharmCard: The reusable fare payment card that's fast, easy and secure.
Get yours Hon! Available at select Giant and CVS stores.
What is CharmCard(R)?

Other Benefits

  • As an MTA CharmCard® customer, you’ll enjoy a faster, easier and more secure way to purchase rides on MTA Local Bus, Light Rail and Metro Subway; and regional service in Washington DC, Northern VA, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, and anywhere your see the CharmCard® and SmarTrip® names displayed.

  • Instead of using a paper ticket, you’ll simply touch your CharmCard® to the targets located on Local Bus fareboxes, Metro Subway faregates, and Light Rail ticket vending machines.

  • You may load up to $200 of cash value at a ticket vending machine or up to $20 of cash value on a Bus farebox which means you only need to reload as needed.

  • At ticket vending machine you may load a 1-Day, 7-Day or 31-Day pass product to your CharmCard® for unlimited rides during the number of days you purchased . You may purchase a 1-Day pass at a Bus farebox.

  • Unlike weekly and monthly passes that begin on a set day or date, the 7-Day and 31-Day passes begin on the day you initially use the pass for 7 or 31 consecutive days.

  • We strongly encourage registering your CharmCard® so if it is lost, damaged or stolen your balance is protected. Simply call 1-888-SmarTrip and a new CharmCard® will be issued with your current card balance loaded on it minus a $2.50 card replacement fee.

  • You no longer have to go to a pass sales outlet to purchase your pass. Now you can purchase your pass product and load it to your card at ticket vending machine.