CharmCard: The reusable fare payment card that's fast, easy and secure.
Get yours Hon! Available at select Giant and CVS stores.
What is CharmCard(R)?

About CharmCard®

CharmCard® is a rechargeable smart fare card. It is embedded with a computer chip to keep track of the cash value and pass products on your card. Every time you use your CharmCard® to add cash value, check your card balance, or pay your fare, you are automatically linked to the computerized fare collection system.

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Simply tap your CharmCard® to the targets on Local Bus Fareboxes, Metro Subway faregates, and Light Rail ticket vending machines (TVMs) to pay your fare; and anywhere in the Washington, DC region where the SmarTrip® symbol is shown.


No more exact change.

More Secure

When registered if your card is lost, damaged or stolen the balance on your card is protected. Simply call 1-888-SmarTrip (762-7874) and we will refund the balance remaining on your card, minus a minimal card replacement fee if applicable.